Celebrating Friendship

Just when you think you can’t go any further…Right when you’re about to call it, “over, done”…Just as you are about to give up and wondering, is this all it will ever be? Is this it? Just me, always struggling, always running behind, always scraping, always anxious, always lonely, always broken? Then, at just the…

Friends for Life

These are three of my favorite ladies. Each of them holds records for being time-tested friends, something which is hard for me to have, with all the moving I’ve done. Some of my oldest, nearest, and dearest of friends, and my sister who beats all counts for knowing me the longest and putting up with…

To Those Who Wait

I found this song in the past week or so and I can’t stop listening to it. It is hands down the best musically and lyrically eloquently and poetic song ever written about waiting. God whispers over me to be still, and I feel restless, and yet there’s a lot of waiting that I need…


sometimes the images tell the story better than words. found this somewhere online last summer and it is smack dab in the middle of this clay season. fighting the resistance, once again. experiencing transitions and trying to keep moving forward. another layer.

For The Honor – Music by Elevation Church

We have just started a series on Honor at Real Church Chicago and I discovered this song last year when I learned that this would be one of our  church values. So, I wanted to share it with you. Lyrics below and link to official chord chart here. Lyrics: For The Honor written by Pastor…

super dad

my super dad – from my inner child to my dad xoxo see previous post for the free printable and make your own!! :)

it’s complicated

i am in a very complex season in which blogging is not something i can do right now. journaling and writing is helpful but i require the safety of a smaller circle, a taller wall, less windows and the safety that is found in there. i will return if (probably) and when (at some point)…


not the spa-relaxing kind of mud. more like this: trudging through the thick mud. necessary. but very messy. hard but growing. overwhelming emotions without words words without emotions not okay but getting there and okay with the process it’s just thick, gritty, and messy.

a prayer

dear Lord, I am anxious about many things. Help me to only be concerned with the ONE thing that matters. Guide my steps, speak to me as only you can do and calm and quiet my heart. Overwhelm me with peace and joy, and teach me what you want me to know. Reveal the areas…

the Road to Colorado series

I spent all of last night writing about my roadtrip on my blog if you would like to read about the details of my crazy-adventurous, solo-detour -laden because-of-a-fire-roadtrip: part 1: preparations part 2: departure part 3: a very long day  lots of pictures included :) xoxo Lori Jo


New Staff Training Worship team with Campus Crusade, getting to do what I love the most :) xoxo Lori Jo

I made it!

A few pictures from my 1300+ mile drive through 4 states and about 31 hours total..solo! The California/Arizona Border   My new tires! (Parked in Lake Havasu City, AZ where I stopped for fuel and ate a PB Sandwhich while resting)   A ROCK Concert…Gas Station in Flagstaff, AZ I have been busy with worship…