Celebrating Friendship

Just when you think you can’t go any further…
Right when you’re about to call it, “over, done”…
Just as you are about to give up and wondering, is this all it will ever be? Is this it? Just me, always struggling, always running behind, always scraping, always anxious, always lonely, always broken?

Then, at just the right time, He places a new friend in your path, an answer to prayer, “Please put a friend in my life.” A prayer from mid-January, and one I have repeated almost daily, surrendering, “Jesus, I need you to rescue me, please be my friend.” He has been growing me and working in me as I have sought him. He is helping me be okay with just Him, just Jesus. And as I have settled into that, he began answering a prayer.

Some of my most cherished friendships, mentors and relationships were born from suggestions by others. “You should meet so and so.” So, I am embracing the gift of community to see what I can’t see and point me in the direction I need to be. 

-Stephanie P. (arranged by our dads)
-My mentor (a couple different people, mainly a big suggestion by Dawn Carter)
-Facebook and fb messaging have played a huge part in new friendships as well. From my co+op and college group sisters to today. Kay, Jamie P. etc… I could tag you all day long. 

Oh God, thank you for this blessing of friendship and at just the right time. Thank you for reassuring me that you are in control, that you know what you are doing and are drawing me ever closer to you as you shape me, mend me. Thank you for answering a prayer and hearing my heart. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for walking with me on this cold, snowy and bumpy unplowed road. Help me to trust that you are trustworthy and help me to trust you again tomorrow.

Celebrating Friendship and Sisterhood


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