For The Honor – Music by Elevation Church

We have just started a series on Honor at Real Church Chicago and I discovered this song last year when I learned that this would be one of our  church values. So, I wanted to share it with you. Lyrics below and link to official chord chart here.

Lyrics: For The Honor

written by Pastor Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, Wade Joye & Mack Brock

Verse 1:
For the honor of the Father
Who reaches out to us
That we might live inside His love
He gave His only Son

Verse 2:
For the honor of the Savior
Let the cross be lifted high
The great exchange of love and grace
Came down to give us life

Verse 3:
For the honor of the Spirit
Whose power lives in us
That we might see much greater things
As we embrace Your love

Verse 4:
For the honor of Your kingdom
Who’s reign will never end
We’ll give our lives in sacrifice
Until You come again

Forever, forever
We’ll honor You forever


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