I made it!

A few pictures from my 1300+ mile drive through 4 states and about 31 hours total..solo!

The California/Arizona Border


My new tires! (Parked in Lake Havasu City, AZ where I stopped for fuel and ate a PB Sandwhich while resting)


A ROCK Concert…Gas Station in Flagstaff, AZ

I have been busy with worship rehearsals and our first couple of days in training, but I just wanted to check in and thank you for your prayers for my travel. It was quite the adventure, and I’m glad I made it safely here, with only a couple minor changes and one major detour (130 mile detour/2 hours) due to the Raton, NM fire at the New Mexico/Colorado border, that had a freeway closure from both directions for two days.


I’ll add more photos when I can, I will probably have plenty of free time this weekend, when there is no programming/training/conferencing going on.

There is so much that I want to say and write about and reflect on…but it will have to wait. Tomorrow, (Thursday) everyone is headed to Denver for our day of Outreach and evangelism training. This is the scary part for me! But I’m confident in Christ, and that’s all that matters.

xoxo Lori Jo


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