Thoughts on Fall


Everyone raves about fall and I don’t really get it. not..until I experience certain things and realize how much I do enjoy them…

Things that my personality and temperament do not appreciate about the season known as Fall:
Cold weather
cold, wet weather
cold and windy
cold, cloudy and dark…and depressing
lacking sufficient indoor heating – all we have is a fireplace and electric heaters. I do not enjoy the fireplace – i hate the smell of smoke and the way it dries out my throat (prized possession – my instrument lies behind it)
I could keep going…but I won’t…not today.

Things that I actually do enjoy: (that I just noticed)
Baking cornbread
Baking (seems like it happens more in the cooler months)
Soup – much more enjoyable when it’s cold outside
“I love the smell of scotch tape” (can you name the movie?)
I will be adding to this list as the season continues…
To help you understand…

Imagine a game where you match things up…
Christmas = Winter
My birthday = November
Easter = Springtime

Halloween – not a big deal, especially not in Australia

Thanksgiving – eh…sometimes we did and sometimes we didn’t
Birthdays 4/4 fall/winter bdays in the fam. only some of them in the USA
Christmas – always a big deal.

Well…it doesn’t allways work that way for me. My matching game is different. I don’t connect the lines with the seasons like every other American does.

Christmas = Christmas…regardless of the weather, temperature or season

I think it’s the American culture that I just don’t quite understand the fascination with fall and seasons especially the cold ones..having spent 12 years in either opposite seasons or warm tropical seasons the calendar events just don’t line up with the seasons as it seems to line up with everyone else.

For the record if you don’t understand my lack of enthusiasm for the things you are excited about… Just remember I didn’t grow up here, and I’m more of a foreigner when it comes to this kind of stuff. I like my warm Christmases thankyouverymuch. I am an MK, a third-culture-kid.

Fall…I’m falling for it, slowly, building new memories. And hunting for my warm clothes….

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