dear God,


Dear God,
We both know that I am a true California girl…AND spoiled rotten for growing up in the tropics, roughing it as an MK. I love life when it’s warm. BUT, we have a problem when it gets cold. You know. You made me. SO let’s work together and could you please give me joy and not let me be depressed when it’s all dark and cloudy, and cold and wet and dark and wet and cloudy and depressing…Also, help me not get annoyed when others with opposite personalities and backgrounds, exclaim how much they enjoy the “fall” or the “nice weather” or thrive on “cloudy days” really? wasn’t that a bad thing in the bible? the FALL? and Winter…oh boy. Really, I can’t do it without you. YOU ARE MY JOY!! love one of your daughters, LJ ))hugs((

ps…I got this bright umbrella to help give me a boost :] so i guess i’m ready…bring the rain…


photography by Jessica Marquez


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