thoughts at one am: did you read this

I am very glad it is Tuesday.

I have had a recurring appointment every single Tuesday beginning in January.

I like Tuesdays for multiple reasons.


My love for blogging and authenticity is met with hesitation to add additional details.

In part because I don’t know who all is reading this…and I fear what people will think of me…

Do you think it’s easy to just be an open book to everyone passing by?

But all the important people in my life already know about it…so who cares.

Sometimes I wonder WHY I blog. My only answer is that I find it helpful and necessary. I blog about my life and personal stuff, and I don’t have a blog plan and don’t make money from blogging. I do it for fun and for my sanity and enjoyment. I blog about my life and refer to it in conversations: “Yesterday I blogged about this…” And it’s strange to me that there are people in my life who don’t read my blog. But there are also people I don’t know potentially reading my blog? But what about the people who aren’t actively or presently in my life but have been at one time and read my blog…I feel conflicted sometimes…Who are you to get to read about my life? I wonder why people read my blog but don’t bother to see me in person or interact with me in any capacity…? I’m just asking…I really do wonder. I put a lot of myself out there, very vulnerable, and don’t get anything in return, it’s like I’m looking in a mirror and you’re looking in a window, except I can’t see you but you can see me….How would that make you feel?

Would you let me know you’re reading?


I have been thinking about my blog a lot this week. Thinking about starting up a new series, or potential new blog altogether.  Thinking about lots of other things in my life and in and throughout my week.


Anxious about job searching.

Afraid of getting the wrong job.

But excited about the future mostly.


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