Artisan Soul – Notes from the Book Tour

The Artisan Soul

All I have are tears. Tears and feelings. And questions. Something stirred inside me and I can’t even put words to it. Some notes from tonight. Writing and rereading these was a helpful process. Though I don’t feel anywhere near a conclusion, no resolution, lacking a cadence. It hangs, tension. Just as he said. Also, if you’re an artist, you have got to get your hands on this book.  It’s late..but I might start reading it tonight already.

THE ARTISAN SOUL | Book Tour with Erwin McManus

It is a manifesto of Creativity.

Jesus is the one thing that is real.
It’s easier to be an art critic than it is to be an artist.

Paraphrasing his thoughts on: “Our language betrays us”. ‘It was the Lord.’ No, our hands made it, our words crafted, our thoughts conceived it. We need to find new language for creating without fear that we are taking away from God. No, we shouldn’t fear taking away God’s glory from him. Who are we to think that we are big/strong/powerful enough to take away God’s glory? (my own thoughts)

The question is not are you creative/are you an artist… The question is WHAT WILL YOU CREATE?

We were created by the Creator to create. It is an externalization of the human spirit.

Dream. Risk. Create.

Stop seeing humans through the lens of the industrial revolution. Take back our image bearing, uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made, we are works of art.

Every human being is a creative, an artist.

It is time to take back the scriptures from the conformity, mechanical, industrial, man-made machines and LIVE creatively – as creativity comes from the Creator.

Creativity is an expression of the divine. The image of God dwells within.

Artisan Soul Quote
Create room for failure. Failure is NOT the End. Failure does  not mean that God is not in it.
Raw beauty, naked, vulnerability = beauty and art.

We are simply to bring what we have to him and He can use it! Water into wine – God created water before Jesus turned it into wine. He used the servants to bring him the water, which he then used to turn into fine wine. A quality product.

We dishonor God by putting his name on it. (It needs no explanation)
Christians have become a synonym for below average, bottom dwelling, scraping the bottom of culture.

Implicit vs. Explicit. (implied, but not in so many words)

Quality of the product leads to the creator.

It’s implicit. Doesn’t need to be explicit.

“European” Style: Expression of lifestyle rather than brands. Brands in America are based on selling what people want/buy rather than art.

Jesus is a kind and generous space.
The church was not a kind and generous space.  (for artists, and those who didn’t think like everyone else)
–> it criticized, called names, in the name of theology and doctrine. orthodoxy.

Like a child – faith like a child, creative geniuses and language savants – as young children we are full of creativity and so much more. Go back as you were so that you can become.

Awe = is the secular idea for worship. = it is when we come to life.

Worshiping God will create tension in you.

Risk. –> Love

The greatest informer of art is Love –> Risk again.

Time to become pioneers and intersect Creativity with Spirituality. Before it’s taken away from us.


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