dad’s and daughters #tbt


I first saw these pictures a year or so ago as I scanned family pictures for my Uncle’s memorial service. My uncle Steve traveled with my dad to visit our island home and help pack up our house since we wouldn’t be living there anymore. These are scans of photos taken with film cameras back in 1992-93. I just love seeing the adventurer man and the awesome reflective silhouette of my dad on those very familiar rocks where we stopped on our drive to the village. My dad was awesome and these pictures remind of me where I get my sense of adventure from :) and good looks…of course. hehe

#tbt Throwback Thursday in preparation of this coming Father’s day.

This is a very special picture that I found while cleaning out my mom’s shed last year.

I have a vivid memory of drawing and coloring this poster for my dad for father’s day when I was about 5 or 6 years old when we lived overseas. (And it wasn’t just a memory from a photograph…I hadn’t seen this picture in probably 20+ years…it’s a legit actual memory!!) I love this picture of my dad and I. These were the best of times. Oh my gosh I miss that hair!! especially the color :D haha

little lori and dad father's day rainbow scaled

At school our pre-k’s are doing this Super Dad activity this week, so I wanted to share it and have some fun and do it too:


Here is something I wrote out from my dad’s 5th year in Heaven anniversary back in April:

dad 5year memory collage

Dad was my first hero. A gentleman, a hunter, a goofball and a genius; a gardener, a scholar, a chess guy, and dr. pepper connoisseur. He took me on dates, taught me to love animals, and the night sky and the beauty of creation. I inherited his terrible jokes (curse of the pun I call it) but I silently enjoy it…. He was a passionate man of God who truly loved his work of translation and linguistics in order to put the word of God into the hands of the people who became his brothers and sisters. He was charming and hot tempered, much to my dismay, this left a few scars on my tender artist’s soul but I am learning how to let those things go, and allow healing to take place and remember the good. 

He was a man of conviction and I am proud to have inherited that same conviction and sometimes stubbornness. I am proud to be his daughter and thankful for all the good things he taught me. For our science experiments and our field trips, I was happy to be his sidekick on the adventure of the Quick Family. I loved hearing his stories and sitting in listening to the tales of fellow missionaries and other visitors as they talked Bible, and Theology. Special moments like graduation day and my senior recital I really felt how proud he was of me and that was a very priceless memory that I will always value. Dr. Philip A. Quick, Dad, “Papa Lori”. I miss you. Thank you for being my dad. <3


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