sandcastles aren’t meant to last
i wasn’t meant to be a sandcastle
sandcastles sparkle for a few minutes
only to crumble at the threat of a wave.
i wasn’t made to crumble at the sight of a wave

my foundation has some rocks
but somehow sand got in and worked it’s way in
and my sandy foundation is crumbling


at the crashing of the wave


you are the wave that is crumbling the sand and working it out of me
the rocks they are forming
and the rocks are slowing coming in under my feet
but not ’til all the sand is expunged
the foundation crumbling will soon become
will become a firm, solid foundation as it should be.

like salt in a wound
the rush of salt water to clear out the sand stings
as long held false ideas, false ideals, and false identities











                                      l e


s h a  t t e r

foundation one:
 Jesus, father, redeemer, healer, King. will i trust you, maker of the heavens, maker of the earth, maker of all of creation and maker of my heart? will i cling to you rather than control? will i release everything that i hold onto for fear i can’t live without?
it’s too much…
and yet you require it all.
you ask for every last weak,
grain of sand that i cling to.





i want to cling to you Jesus. not that other junk.


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