REWORKED 2. A Deeper Surrender

I was completely and totally oblivious to what would happen just days before my thirtieth birthday. I knew something was going on, I just hadn’t been able to pinpoint it. What was it?

God gave me one word.


This was to be symbolically surrendered as I tearfully repented of my sin and painfully agreed with my Pastor that this would have to be let go. Dreams, desires, passion, hope, all of it. let go. the end. Repent of my arrogance, ugly sense of entitlement, and prideful attitudes. And it was over. I was numb for the first week. My entire life’s goals and ambitions had come crashing down. I didn’t know who I was anymore. How do you just walk away from something you love so much?

When you love it too much. When it becomes your focus. When it gets in the way. When you can’t live without it. Everything I had worked for, prayed for, strove for, longed for. Empty. It had worked it’s way into the place of an idol.


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