2012 Year in Review

If ever there was a year to remember, eventful, adventurous…this was it. 2012…cue the music.

My 2012 Year in Review

January – New Mercies; hopeful.

  • Investing in healing. Counseling begins.
  • Begin Leadership Intensive

February – Chicago. Can I go?

  • Exposé begins. Epic. Co+op.*
  • Chicago Community Group begins in Riverside
  • Valentine’s Day babysitting = best Valentine dates ever*

March –  Seeking

  • San Diego Getaway – saying Goodbye to SD
  • Gungor LIVE – Ghost Upon The Earth Tour*
  • Begin playing keys for Co+op band. Super challenging.

April – Easter. Confirmation received: Yes to Chicago. 

  • LACMA, Light Garden, Little Ethiopia for Dinner with Steph*
  • Easter*
  • Catalyst West Coast volunteer for 3rd year
  • Taxes
  • The Color Run – Orange County – my first 5k!*

May – Soaking up the Cali Summer

  • Mother’s Day/Women’s Gathering at Sandals. 
  • Family Time*
  • Friend’s Wedding*

June – Goodbyes and gigs

  • Goodbye Riverside Gig

July – Transition and endings.

  • Beloved Photoshoot.*
  • Going away party.
  • Pack up everything into my Corolla and drive across the country.*
  • First day in Chicago with roomie #1 at the Bean*
  • Watching the 2012 London Olympics from Chicago (my goal was to arrive in Chicago before the opening ceremony of the Olympics :)

August – New Home, New City

  • Everything is new; everything is different. Culture shock.
  • New home, new city, new job(s)

September/October – Fall

  • John Mark McMillan Concert *
  • Routines.
  • Kari Jobe Concert
  • Stripping away of leaves. Revealing their true selves.

November – Thankful and Thirty and Surrender

  • Deeper surrender. Death of a dream.
  • Celebrating #30in30
  • Instagratitude
  • Birthday fun: sister* + panini party + the Circus, Elephants, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Gino’s Pizza and sister’s first train ride in the city
  • Thanksgiving was delightful.

December – Advent: Waiting. Joy and Hope

  • Putting up Christmas with the Roomies * :)
  • Christmas all month long. Joyous.
  • Provision. Dependent. Brokenness. Unripe.
  • Happy New Year! Covered in prayers of blessing.

All asterisks* indicate that a corresponding picture is shown above. :)


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