.the truth is
that i’m anxious
worried, concerned
it’s totally minor
but as fears go…
it feels more than minor
trapped, tension,

.how is it that the one thing that i love so much can hurt so much because it’s a [not now/not yet] season?

if that “one day” will ever come. or that other one day. when all will be right. will it ever be – all right? ALLL right?

.truth is that he’s in charge and everything will be okay.

.it just doesn’t make sense right now
and next steps are covered in question marks.


.i’m terrible at this long distance thing
i need to reach out more
the loneliness is wearing on me
my strength is fading
i can’t keep up.

.the fact that i’m where i am supposed to be doesn’t change. that i’m trying to have a good attitude about my circumstances  – it takes work. but what happens when you do your best and it’s not enough?

.when you’re left feeling empty and dry and weary soul.

when the weekend never seems long enough.

and yet…i have one small idea of .why.  i am where i am.

to walk in the shoes. experience it. feel it.

.i’ve already got a couple songs outta this…

.sometimes i wonder why i do this. why i bother baring my soul and heart. and then i remember why. because it helps me. and it helps me know that friends know that i’m not ok.


and the world keeps flying by.

and i’ll try to keep holding on.


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  1. Thanks for being transparent lovely :)

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