dear blog

dear blog,

i miss you, i’m sorry i haven’t had time to spend with you lately. city life is a very busy life.
i barely have 3 hours a day to myself before i need to crawl back into bed to rest for the next day. and since i sit at a computer all day, opening you up to think more is the last thing i want to do right now. it’s quite possible that i’ve been cheating on you with hulu. btw, saturdays are my favorite.

Blog, please let my friends know that i hope to have more time with you very soon. so so oh so much to say. i’m also working on sending out an email update with more personal details not for the public eye. if you’re not sure if you’re on my list let me know and i’ll add you if we’re FIRL (friends in real life).

in the meantime keep up with my adventures on instagram. @lorijo

love you all! :)


PS… I’ve been here 10 weeks….whaaat???


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