lately: word pictures

how do you capture a whirlwind?

how do you tame a speeding cheetah?

how do you collect all your thoughts?

there’s a reason i blog, and i say it with great regularity. it’s therapeutic. seeing my thoughts spill out into this text box on a page as letters and words squeeze together as my fingers express the thoughts from my head, or heart, whichever the case may be.  though i hardly separate the two in my writing.

this is not the obligatory, “I’m sorry it’s been so long since i’ve posted, i’ve been busy”

i am busy, that is true. but it’s not an excuse. i’m about to move. MOVE. across the country. drive through seven states.
i am in the midst of  a major life change, emotional healing, and everything that goes with that, along with three events that i have planned in this month. there has been a lot of highs and life-giving and joy in the past few weeks. there has been confession followed by healing and grace and job openings and applying for wonderful opportunities. here is a word collage of the past few weeks.

because of so much of the aforementioned change it makes it hard to know what and how much to share. i process through so much each week that it’s always a question in mind. i’m in one of the greatest transitions of my life and i am doing my best to be present in every moment. tears as i introduce a song for open mic, catching my breath as i find old pictures, sort through old belongings, junk, and purge 3 bags of clothes and junk. savoring every last coffee date with dear friends. getting more sun than my fair face can have and lounging at the pool. seeing Brave on a sunday because there is no other time to see it, and both have been threatened not to see it without the other. dancing to Rihanna’s where have you been? seeing my friend rock the bar at house of blues and inspired to be a light in those kind of dark places. practicing constantly in preparation for a special gig with old friends and new. feeling perfectly at home in that moment when i sing harmony like we never stopped singing together. disappointment, sadness or blues turns to joy anytime i see the face of a baby named bo. high fives, hugs, cheesy faces and kisses from TBear.

Be present. Life goes fast.


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