Understanding Missional

Adventure has always seemed to describe my life pretty well. And I have no intention of saying goodbye to adventure…ever.

I had an epiphany last week, and I’m still trying to put it into words. But basically as I mentioned in my Epiphany post (it was kinda confusing, sorry) I am finally beginning to understand what it means to live missionally. Aside from the personal healing stuff taking place, this is the second most important thing in my life right now.

What I realized is that understanding “missional” is not a complicated thing to have to study and grasp hold of, it’s not something I need to study to understand. It’s not just a buzz word. It’s all about verbs.

Satan’s Most Convenient Lie

We have distorted the gospel into something that seems so complicated and scary that the enemy has taken advantage of our fear and made us believe so many lies.

What we are called to do as followers of Jesus is simple.

James tells us to: Be DOERs of the Word.

[or it’s like looking in a mirror and forgetting what you look like!]

There are so many verbs in the commands of scripture, plainly, simply, clearly.

  • Love God
  • Love your neighbor: Share and do life together
  • as yourself
  • Go and make disciples
  • baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit

What is so complicated about that?

I’m starting to get this. It’s beginning to sink in, that this is more than a calling, a COMMANDMENT for all believers, not just a select few.

 We are accountable for this. I am accountable to this.

It’s this simple:

This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine

Hide it under a bushel, NO! I’m gonna let it shine!

It’s time to break out of the Christian “bushel” bubble of safety, convenience, and comfort. We have reduced Christianity to the pursuit of happiness, holiness and heaven, as Derek said last week at Co+op. It’s so much more.

We have reduced taking up our cross to wearing a cross necklace around our neck (not that there is anything wrong with that…but it’s simply a symbol)

Suggested resources: Crazy Love by Francis Chan, Love Does by Bob Goff

Wake Up by All Sons & Daughters (Rough, LIVE version)

Wake Up Lyric Video with Recording

We are the Light by Kari Jobe


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