My Epiphany (Part One)

I have SO much on my heart that I want to share with you. (This might turn into a two-part-er)  Firstly…Last night I read a couple articles a friend who is also going to Chicago shared with our group, and was just absolutely struck by the simplicity of what it means to live missionally. I’ve been trying to grasp it, grabbing books to read on it to grow and learn and challenge myself.

It just hit me. It’s so SIMPLE. (Read the article here if you’d like to: A Story of Gospel Community) 

Tonight at our College and Young Adult Gathering (Co+op at Sandals Church) we started a 4 week series called TEN/FORTY MANDATE. (I’m gonna assume that most of you know what that is, or you can google “10/40 Window” and figure it out in two seconds). We had a crash course tonight. There are 6921 unreached people groups in the world, not people, people-groups. Of the more than 7 billion people on Earth, 2.7 Billion live in this window, that makes 40% of the Earth’s population. Derek shared many statistics, many of which I’ve heard before as an MK as part of my Dad’s missions presentations growing up. I understand what a people group is, because I grew up in one.

Justin (Our College Minister) challenged our group of about 300 or so to consider going to the nations next year.

About 30 people stood up. I was overwhelmed by the obedience and selfless faith (I see a generation rising up to take their place with selfless faith!) and witnessing the movement of the Holy Spirit, it was as if I could see the wind of God blowing through. God is moving in our group and I could not be more excited of that and that God is answering the prayers of a 2 year old and his dad. I am seeing God moving in the lives of many of my dear friends, seeing many familiar faces standing and telling God, “Here I am, send me”

{You can watch tonight’s entire service here:}

Yeah…this is definitely gonna need a second post….to be continued :)


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