how do you show honor?

Some of the things I’ve been thinking lately:

  • what are some practical ways to show honor?
  • what does it look like to live ‘honor’; to live a life of honoring others, is it in word or deed? is it in body language?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, particularly as we are going through a sermon series on this at Sandals, as well as learning about it in my Chicago group.

(BTW…I attempted to find a quick pic online of “honor” and all I found were the Medal of Honor, Maid of honor, the video game Medal of honor and primarily military or war images a small handful of cheesy “religious” honor/obey images…and that was about it….here’s a screenshot of the top searches…crazy? or is it that unusual in our society? what’s missing? what images should be here?)

The last two weeks there has been a lot of clapping and applause for our pastors and leaders, and I’m just not connecting with that as a way to show honor, I think for me it’s deeper, it means I need to go further and be more intentional in the way I honor my pastors and leaders (in particular).

Your turn… :)


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  1. a deeper connection would be an action that God puts on your heart. one of these could include a major theme of transparency, praise, verbal encouragement, a reflective story that brought change in your life, or even a card with cash in it. all these are ways to honor deeply because they have a deeper meaning attached. take transparency. to honor those you know God has called you to honor, you can tell them how you feel. bad or good it tells you that you trust them, and respect them. all the rest seem more plainbut the card with money always staggers me. money is a gift that can be felt as at the very least dishonorable, yet a gift of funds whether it be 1 or 100 dollars can say, “this is my Friday night dinner money. I want you to have it. thank you for all you do.” that is a gift to honor. :-) thanks for the discussion topic.

    1. Lori Jo says:

      I think for me it will be along the lines of my love language, so a note with words of affirmation. But this is a one off kind of thing. What I’m looking for is what it looks like on a daily basis, not just ways to “show honor” but how to live it. What changes, what does that look like? And I’m not necessarily looking for suggestions, but what does it look like for you. :)

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