Invitation to Rest


Reading about God’s invitation to rest is also an invitation to a good – healthy theology of work in this chapter from Invitations from God by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun

“He didn’t intend for work to be the way people form identities or find favor with God. Work was to be an expression of who human beings already are.
They are already loved and immeasurably important. … They spent their time w/ their Creator reveling in the satisfying rhythms of work & rest.”

“An identity based on doing is always precarious and unrestful. And it is not what God intended.”

“God invites us to trust him to manage the world for 24 hours each week without our labor. Sabbath is the day that reminds us who we are. We don’t have to justify our existence by striving and driving. We aren’t less of a contribution to the world because we honor our limits and produce less one day a week. We are God’s well-loved creatures, created in his beautiful image, no matter what we do or don’t do. We didn’t earn this identity as the beloved; it was bestowed like a kiss from God before we ever left the womb. Keeping Sabbath is one way we enter into the restfulness of who we are in God.”


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