You Make It Happen

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve had a runway and completely different room set up for our Exposé series. I wanted to give you a taste of what it looks like, and let you know how much we need your help. We were running short on hands (and especially muscles) this week. And it was a very last minute pulling everything together. We would love it if you can show up between 3 and 4 o’clock before Co+op this Wednesday (tomorrow February 29). Leave us a note on Facebook or here that you are coming and we will gladly use your willing hands (and muscles). We need everything from help moving chairs to carrying heavy stage pieces, to creative decorators, and willing hearts to serve.

Without you, this doesn’t work. You are the WE in We Are Co+op. 

We use chair spacers to make sure all the rows are straight and everyone has just enough room. (There are over 300 chairs every week)

We add about 100 chairs to the existing chairs in the room, that’s a lot of work!

Our production team fine tuning some of the important logistical elements of the evening.

The runway takes lots of muscle.

Sound check takes place after all of the major setup elements are finished. This is why we start setting up so early.

Sound Check

Lights, Graphics, Video, and Sound

Our Emcees waiting for their entrance while Tori Dawn sings a sweet pop medley.

Camera man

She is really strong!

Adjusting the lights

Hard to see, but he’s carrying one of the stage pieces. And making it look easy.

Teamwork makes it go fast.

Relaxing after all the hard work is done and tear down is finished. 

Are you ready to serve? Let us know how you would like to serve, here: and show up really early to help with setup!  We love you guys, thanks for all your help!


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