ever on my lips

you may recall my ungratefulness in the recent months.

i’m happy to say that i sense a transformation taking place.

in my last post i mentioned sunrise, simplifying and praise.


I knew with my head, but I couldn’t, I just didn’t have it in my heart, outside of church and outside of singing along with music in my car, there was no praise taking place. I was slowly beginning to stop and thank the Lord for small things throughout the day or at the end of the day, but it was very small.  But all of a sudden, that change has begun to take place. There are no significant changes in my life, aside from one major small thing.

And this is why I feed my heart, my soul, and my ears with worship music constantly.

God always uses music to connect to me, to encourage me, to teach me, to push me.

I’ve been listening to heaps of new music this week and I was listening to Don Poythress and the song was “I will bless the Lord at all times” and at that moment my heart began to grow.

May his praise be ever on my lips, I said, as I tweeted that thought. And I want that to be true.

Ever on my lips. 


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