I have a goofy grin on my face. I am just really excited about my new little role with co+op. I’m the new leader of online community, and I’ve got myself a sweet little team of photographers and writers of all kinds, and I am just so excited.  I had a tiny little meeting+snacks session with my completely new team last week, and was just so pumped that I didn’t even sleep that night! I finally fell asleep at 5 AM… (I’ve been sick too, so that has affected my sleeping habits too)…

This afternoon I sent them all an email today with each other’s contact information and  everyone invites to dropbox. Then, not long after I came home from Church, dropbox notified me that there were new files in our shared folder, and one of my new photographers had uploaded new pictures from last week. I just finished uploading the album to facebook and am just so excited.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been responsible for a team of people, and I am just stoked to love them and care for them and pray for them and have coffee with them!!

Please pray for me, I need my voice this week, as I’m supposed to be singing at our Christmas Imago Dei on Friday night.

Thank you! :)


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  1. i’m a tiny little bit excited for you and this new role :)

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