all will be

so all of our strivings would be losing
without the right Man on our side
as we walk along this narrow road
crowded with discord and disunity
and we try and we try

we live in a world that is not our home
in the tension of the already and the not  yet
we have had a taste of what should be
and yet

we have tasted and we crave
what we know could be

and perhaps the tension we feel
is a reminder that it is a process of
of growing
along the vine
as our roots grow down deeper
into the soil of His marvelous love

for one day there will be a feast
the not yet will no longer be
for all will be as it should be


3 Comments Add yours

  1. taikotoma says:

    Beautiful words. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Lori Jo says:

    i just wrote it. in the last 20 minutes… :)

  3. Jenni F says:

    LJ I love this! Is there music that goes with it ;)

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