“it was a dark and stormy night”

…it was a dark and stormy night…”

It was a dark and foggy night in my case (thankfully no rain…I needed new wipers…last week!)….I was driving home at midnight-thirty from a birthday dinner 25 minutes away. As I head down the freeway I notice spots of fog, literally spots, and confirmed that indeed it was fog on the freeway. It’s very dark with hardly any street lights so after going through the first patch of fog, I reduced my speed to about 50-55 mph, and carefully went from the middle to the right lane. I only had about 3 miles to go before my exit, but I still had a long drive once I got off the freeway. It was a much longer drive than usual. Everytime I went through a patch of fog, I slowed way, way, WAY down.  I could not see a cars length in front of me in some spots. It feels like you’re driving blind.

I just had some quiet, mellow classical music on in the background, which helps me concentrate when driving conditions are difficult. As I drove on the long main road which spans 8 miles from the freeway before I turn off that road to get home.

The fog seemed worse as the elevation rose slightly.

As I drove through yet another thick patch of fog and slowed down to a crawl this time, this thought occurred to me:

If I can’t see in front of me I need to slow way down.

It was a deep life metaphor for me that I needed to experience. I think this is the place that I find myself. I have a destination, I have the vehicle, and I know the road to get there. There are times that I can’t see in front of me beyond my nose. In those times I need to stop and slow way down and inch forward until I get out of the fog and can see more clearer the road ahead.

I know it’s cheesy. But tonight for me it was a revelation. What does it look like to slow down, what brakes do I need to put on?

Lots of questions to think through.

But I did make it home safely.


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