her eyes wide awake
despite the time
as she winds down
opens up her twitter app
sees something that catches her
wide open eyes
digs deeper

to remember..
why we remember
why we must remember
history so we may not repeat mistakes
so we may learn from history
to learn of the losses
that everyone of them is a human life
and they matter
this is why we remember

it’s not just this republic remembering
it’s many countries around the globe
The Eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918
at Gallipoli
A day and time which
signaled the end of the War.
The end of the first World War.
and peace for a time.

Armistice day, Remembrance day, Veterans day
all the same day, fought those same wars of old worlds
differing names, same meaning

it’s not enough to care about her country of birth
as other countries captured her heart
literature student of war and peace in her Eleventh year
in an Australian High School English class
in her History class two years before

walking in the War Memorial in the capital city
of Anzac veterans
of the pool of reflection
the eternal flame
of blood colored poppies

of shoehorn sonata’s
and nurses, so brave
of boys barely men
in herds they were led

her eyes droop
every blink heavier than the last
as the short night before
catches up to her
and again
she remembers
why she remembers

one day all wars will cease.
we remember


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