my birthday wasn’t so bad

so…here’s what happened on my bday.

  • slept in.
  • got up, got ready
  • went to lunch at the Elephant Bar (one of my faves) with my mom (fave :)
  • had some tasty food
  • drove to church
  • meeting with Justin
  • he made me cry
  • we had a great conversation…mostly he talked…i was crying…:)
  • offered a fun role with co+op
  • rehearsed and sound checked all afternoon
  • amazing night at open mic. swelling with pride for my beautiful friend Kellie who boldly grabbed the mic and knocked it out of the park.
  • a dear cru friend from the summer showed up, and we spent an hour after catching her up on my last 3 months
  • it was great.
  • it wasn’t the best birthday. i didn’t get any fancy presents. i think i got 2 cards…but the love on my facebook wall was sweet, especially those who take the time to say a little more than just “HB” i nearly cried.
  • i’m not done celebrating. i take the full week – month :D
I am excited for the unknown…even though it drives me crazy. I know what I’m doing from now til Sunday evening…and that will have to be enough for me.  I feel much better than I did at the time I wrote my last post, 29. Nothings really changed…but I’m a tad better. I feel ok about 29…and…I know it’s gonna be fine ;)
If you would be praying with me that the Lord guides and provides a job…a good job…an enjoyable job…and that I would be more trusting with my life and especially near future.  And wisdom to know what to look for. And for good networking things to happen :)



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