do we really remember?

As I scoured images of red poppies on google for my remembrance piece,  I came across this excellent article/photo essay from the Daily Mail, UK.



Last night, as I alluded to in the first lines of my poem, I was up really late. I ended up participating/joining/experiencing/observing the Tweet Remembrance service, 100% online, entirely on my smart phone, I might add. It was really amazing, and I was really touched by the experience. {On a separate note, I really loved what the people behind @Poppy_Tweet did, the amount of scripture they used that was shared during the 1 hour twitter online remembrance service. Also found here: You can still check it out, it was live last night, London time, but will be done again live on Sunday at 10:15am London time}

What I saw in the images on the link above, and what I experienced as I participated in the @Poppy_Tweet Remembrance, was something I find lacking in my corner of America, because we only care about our selves, our own country.

  • we miss out on the solemnity
  • the reverence, respect
  • serious, honest reflection
  • the pause, the 2 minutes of silence

look at these pictures and tell me that this is found in America?

Notice the people, the wide range of ages, and places, and workplaces. Not just those in uniform. Not just a military service.

Those commonwealth countries really know how to Remember.

Do you see it in their faces? In the solemn stillness?


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