i am martha

I am Martha…

This passage immediately came to mind as I reflected on my day on Saturday night. Considering why I wasn’t fully in the  moment and enjoying the company of dear friends who drove out of their way to come to my house to make cookies. I knew the answer was Martha.

I spent some time reflecting on this passage and story. And I’m glad I have this book on my bookshelf, it seems very timely to start going through. Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver is the sequel to Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.

She spends a lot of time talking about “Flesh Woman” as it’s written specifically to women, but is not exclusive and there is a long list of traits of the Carnal mind …be prepared to wince at this list…If you thought Sunday’s sermon packed a punch…so does this…check it:

Traits of the Carnal Mind

  1. A prideful spirit
    Do you have an exalted feeling because of success or position, good training or appearance or natural gifts and abilities? Do you show an important, independent spirit? Do you tend to be married to your own opinion?
  2. A love of praise
    Do you have a secret fondness to be noticed? Do you draw attention to yourself in conversation? Does your ego swell when you have the opportunity to speak or pray before others?
  3. A touchy temper
    Do you cover up irritability or impatience by calling it nervousness or holy indignation? Do you have a touchy spirit, a tendency to resent and retaliate when reproved or contradicted? Do you throw sharp words are others?
  4. A willful attitude
    Do you show a stubborn, unteachable spirit? Do you like to argue? Are you harsh, sarcastic, driving or demanding? Do you come across as unyielding or headstrong? Do you tend to criticize and pick flaws when you are ignored or decisions don’t go your way?
  5. A fearful heart
    Does fear of what others think cause you to shrink from duty or compromise your principles? Are you afraid your commitment to righteousness will cause some prominent person to think less of you?
  6. A jealous mind
    Do you hide a spirit of envy in your heart? Do you harbor an unpleasant sensation in view of the prosperity and success of another? When someone is more talented or appreciated than you, are you tempted to speak of his faults rather than his virtue.
  7. A dishonest disposition
    Do you evade or cover the truth? Do you hide or minimize your real faults and attempt to leave a better impression of yourself than is strictly true? Do you show false humility or exaggerate, straining the truth? Do you show one face to one person and the opposite to another?
  8. A lack of faith
    Are you easily discouraged in times of pressure and opposition? Do you lack quiet confidence and settled trust in God? Do you worry and complain in the midst of pain, poverty, or trials that God allows? Are you overtly anxious about whether situations will turn out all right?
  9. A wandering eye
    Do you entertain lustful stirrings, showing undue affection and familiarity to those of the opposite sex? Do you act out sexually and dwell on romantic fantasies?
  10. A spiritual deadness
    Are you complacent about the lost? Is your relationship with God characterized by dryness and indifference? Does your life lack spiritual power? Do you regularly meet God?
  11. A love of self
    Do you cater to your appetites and hanker repeatedly for short-lived pleasure? Do your joys and sorrows fluctuate around your personal interests? Do you yearn for money and earthly possessions?
As I read through this, I found myself saying yes, yes, yes… to all of them…11/11 not the kind of grade you want on this kind of test. Oh well. I have a really hard time identifying and working with these inner world struggles. So seeing it laid out this way is actually really helpful. It’s just shows how far I have to go…
But don’t be discouraged! We have a wonderful gracious Saviour!

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