pretty random

  • i love sleeping in my leggings when it’s cold.
  • i hate not having any sort of central heating in our house. the nights are really cold. and they just started. ugh. can’t wait til spring. at least i can have sunshine during the days.
  • i love inviting a friend into my room…it’s like a reminder of pieces of who I am…and inviting them into that..into visual representations of my soul. I loved hearing her say, “yeah it looks like you”. I don’t do this very often, we live so far out from everyone that I’m lucky to get visitors once a year. super lame. trying to change that.
  • a new friend brought me pretty purple flowers. :) made me super happy
  • it’s fun to invite a small number of people over. it forces people to mingle.
  • i had fun tonight, but i can’t get over the fact that i wasn’t fully present. like i was waiting for ____ to show up. maybe it was myself. I don’t know. I love chill nights together. Maybe I just always try to do too much, and don’t get to enjoy the company as fully as I’d like. so weird. what’s up with that?
  • i love the anticipation and getting ready for people to come over…it makes cleaning the house much more fun when you have that motivation.
  • i can’t wait to have a place that’s more central and that allows me to be hospitable on a weekly basis. can’t wait. this is a dream and a serious prayer.
  • as i gave my friend a tour of my room, my favorite things and memories, i’m reminded of those things that I love most. it was cool.
  • as i typed this both my phone and computer clocks changed from 1:59 to 1:00. so crazy. hoping to take advantage of early mornings.
  • goodnight.

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