Starting with a hello


Since there are many of you I don’t know, I thought I’d do a bit of an introductory post.

Hello, I go by Lori Jo, it’s my first name and part of my middle name put together, a nickname given by my wonderful Kentucky Mama (Meh-Maw, not mee-maw, we’re fancier than some, lol) Myrtle who passed away the same year my dad died. Sucky year 2008 was. Anyways. I don’t like being called just plain Lori. It’s boring. And I am a Type Four, so I have the need to be unique, so no boring name for me. I will be 29 next week. I’m super single. I’m not really excited about getting older…maturity yes…but not appreciating the foreign grey matter showing up on my head.

I grew up in a few other countries around the world when I was little as an MK, leaving Australia just after turning 18, was the most heart wrenching thing I ever did, saying goodbye to some of the dearest friends I ever had in my High School years and at church.

Music is my language. God uses music to speak to me very frequently. Music motivates me, inspires me and I can totally geek out on it. I just recently discovered songwriting in the past few years, and have been working slowly at being obedient to write songs of hope and healing. Worship is my passion. John 4:23-24 is one of my life verses. I’m learning what that looks like beyond just music and as a lifestyle as well.

I just resigned from Campus Crusade, after just joining this Summer. If you go back a few days you’ll see this post that explains more about that.

I don’t know what’s next. At all. Anything. Nothing.

Life. Job. Ministry wise.

Totally blank page. Totally broke.

But it’s kinda exciting.

In the words of Propaganda, “I am not the artist, I am the canvas”

I am messy. I am scatter brained. I’m crazy and passionate and creative and undisciplined. But I am a vessel, holes and all, and I want to be used by the Father.


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