all things new

As we sang these words Sunday night, I felt comforted by this truth, reminded that the Lord’s mercies are new every morning. I love fresh starts. They are open and free and the possibilities are vast. I just made a huge decision. So here I am, back at the start, anxious but expectant. Trying to keep the anxiety from taking over as I slowly delve back into looking for a job. Quoting Matthew 6:24 to myself constantly. But also wondering if there are other paths for me to take. What they are. What they look like.

Ready to get back to being myself. To have joy again.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not an undo or a do-over. I’m simply moving on. I was where I was supposed to be for much of the past year. I made amazing friends, some of whom rock my socks off at their awesomeness and their willingness and passion to do what I couldn’t do. I got to take a couple amazing seminary classes through the training we went through. I got to do so much and learn and grow so much through this entire process. I hope that this month and the coming days and weeks I can feel and experience the presence of God. That the work he has been doing inside me, in my soul and in my heart, the molding and the shaping, the pruning and the refining, that slowly some buds of fruit would begin to open. That healing would continue, that my eyes would be opened to things I don’t see, and don’t even know what wounds exist, that I would be strengthened and rely fully on the Lord, that I would find all my delight in the Lord, that he alone would be my source and my joy. Going back to some of the basics and relearning and trusting again.

that’s me…as november begins. the best month of all ;)


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