Necessary Endings

This particular journey began a little over one year ago, exploring Campus Crusade, interviewing, and attending a couple end of year conferences. I went through the very long and thorough application process. I attended our New Staff Training in Fort Collins, CO and had a most wonderful time on the worship team, taking Bible Classes and living life together in the dorms.  I learned a great deal, and know that it was not a waste of a year or my summer.

It is time for the journey to come to an end. I don’t believe I am to be here [on staff with Campus Crusade] any longer. It has come to a mutual, natural and necessary end. I have struggled and wrestled through the past three months unsure about where I was supposed to be. There are several things that factor into this, including the organization’s processes and determining my calling. There’s a lot that goes into it. If you really want to know, just ask me.

An encounter with a young woman who had been released from captivity with tears in her eyes thanking me for songs I had simply sung at the IMAGO DEI event at church signaled a game changer for me. I know the healing that music can bring and that the Lord works through music. This made more sense than what I was doing trying to grasp onto a vision that I couldn’t cast or even imagine myself doing on campus.

I still love college students. In the coming weeks I will be praying about how the Lord wants me to be involved in any ministries at this time. And which one(s).

As I step back into the world to look for work, I desperately want to be making music. I wonder what that looks like, if it will ever be possible to make music and do music ministry for a living.

I ask for your prayers as I seek His face, and seek direction from this raw, fragile place. I hope to continue clarifying where I am supposed to be in the coming weeks and months.

I thank you for understanding these changes and thank you all for your friendship, and prayers, and to those of you who gave, thank you.

Lori Jo


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