sweet embrace


Two years ago this month, she walked up to me with tears in her eyes, thanking me for the songs I had just sung. she hugged me and then she said one sentence that rocked me, words that i will never forget, and I held her tighter, no matter that she was a stranger, she was a daughter of God, it was one of the most impacting moments and encounters of my life. and all i did was sing, and hold her.

I was so humbled by her response. All I did was sing two songs. And here I was embracing a daughter who had literally been rescued. And in that moment trafficking became tangible and real. It was no longer a “thing or a cause” She was real. I was in awe of God for rescuing her. I was humbled that she was touched by the notes and melodies that I had sung. It was such an impacted response and I was so impacted by her.  I will never forget Cody, she has left a treasured mark on my heart for eternity. I drove home that night with a heart filled with thanksgiving to God for her, for her life, for her rescue, and for having done nothing but embraced and look into her eyes. She is fearfully and wonderfully made.

Proud and honored to have been a part of Imago Dei and speak out for our Abolitionists team. thanks Kelli and Monique.


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