John Piper is winning me over

If you read my blog sometime last year…I think it was…I said something about John Piper. Just that I was skeptical-ish. And didn’t get the “hype”…I may have used the word “cult” for silly reasons. (Most of my skepticism was passed on from one thing that my dad said about Piper, and I trust my dad’s opinion aLOT. But it’s very likely he was just being stubborn about this, so I’m doing my own research). And then this summer we read one of his books in my BSM (Bible Study Methods) class. And then he said this great stuff about our new name, cru. I’m pretty much sold.

I love everything that John Piper said in his post. Here’s an excerpt, and I HIGHLY recommend reading the whole thing. It’s in list form, so it’s very quick to get through, but totally excellent. He is definitely winning me over. Just got to finish Don’t Waste Your Life, the audiobook for Desiring God and Let the Nations be Glad…and then I’ll be pretty completely sure about the guy :)

Since Campus Crusade for Christ announced (and explained) that it will change its name to Cru, some donors have withdrawn support from Crusade staff. I am writing to say: That’s not a good reason to withdraw your support.

Read the rest of the post :)


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