a new name for campus crusade for christ

Just this past week I officially joined this organization, Campus Crusade for Christ, after a thorough interview and application process spanning several months (Nov-April), and 5 weeks of theological and Biblical studies classes, leadership development and training, concluded with a special commissioning ceremony, similar to a graduation ceremony.  We (as an organization) received the announcement of our new name this week on the first night of our biennial National staff conference held in Colorado. I just wanted to highlight some of the key pieces of information and direct links instead of some of the bizarre media backlash.  I recognize everyone has an opinion, but I have never been more confident and trusting and impressed by the genuine humility and thoughtfulness of our leadership, specifically Steve Sellers, to give a clear explanation of the process and how the name was chosen and why.  Our leadership even spent time on a second night to take questions from staff. Our new name will be cru

EDIT: This post was just added:
Our Commitment to Christ remains strong as it ever was!

Additionally, Christianity Today gave a thoughtful article: 

Check out these videos from our leadership to hear directly from them. (If you only watch one, please watch Steve Sellers’ video)

  1. President Steve Douglass
  2. Co-founder, wife of Bill Bright, Vonette Bright
  3. Steve Sellers, Vice President, North America & Oceania
  4. Mark Gauthier, Executive Director of U.S. Campus Ministry

The decision was unanimously decided by a wide range of individuals, not just a board of directors, a diverse cross section of our staff, directed and led clearly by God through the Holy Spirit. I am not just saying this, I fully believe it. How else do 30 people come to a unanimous decision if not led by the Lord?

Our President Steve Douglas states eloquently that there is only ONE reason we’re doing this is because we want to be more effective in reaching the world with the Gospel and giving everyone everywhere a chance to experience God’s love and forgiveness. It’s all about fulfilling the Great Commission. “Our mission and DNA remain the same!” “To give every person on the planet the opportunity to say yes to Jesus!”

We are not backing down from the name of Jesus, we are going to proclaim the name of Jesus loudly and boldly, as we continue to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, making disciples of all nations, to the four corners of the earth, represented by the new logo.

Along with our new name, which will go into effect early in 2012, we will be getting a facelift and new branding, with a fresh new logo. (pictured above, minus the purple frame, that’s just from my blog theme)

“We are not wavering from our calling. We are changing the words so that more people will hear, understand and respond.”

As we begin to bring meaning to the new name, here is one of the things that we want it to convey:

“We are a global community of caring Christians passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.”

They’ll know we are Christians, disciples, followers and lovers of Jesus

by our LOVE.
Not our name.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to help answer or direct your question :)
Lori Jo
New Staff with Cru


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