the road to colorado: part 2: departure

I was scared to death.

Not in a fearful, unable-to-move-way, but just overwhelmed with how needy and dependent on God I would have to be for this journey. How gigantic a step  leap of faith this really was. How much was unseen. How much was unknown. And the idea of traveling alone for this great distance of 1200 miles. was. really. REALLY. scary.

I was able to cry and be encouraged by some of my dearest friends at church and so thankful that I was able to see them before I left. Thank you girls, Penny, Jenni, and Kellie, you 3 have been such key people in my journey over the past few years and I am SO thankful for the deep spiritual friendship and kinship we have. Kellie did my interview and off I went. It was done. It was time to go.

Because of Kellie, I was on the road just after 1 o’clock and headed out to Arizona by early evening, and planning on stopping in New Mexico for a short night’s stay. That was the plan.

“You can make many plans,
but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.”


On the way out of California through Palm Springs, passing Turbines from my Desert photoshoot with Jessica 2 years ago,
just past Cabazon and Casino Morongo.

1:15 PM Depart from Sandals Church, Riverside, CA

first stop: 3:30 PM Target, Indio, CA 97 degrees and rising. it’s hot.

first gas up: 7:00 PM Lake Havasu City, AZ $3.55/gallon right on the border, dinner: Peanut Butter sandwhich 252.2 miles from Riverside.

CA/AZ border


Driving through Arizona as the sunset was absolutely beautiful.

Finally made it to Flagstaff, AZ at 11:00 PM where I found this little gem…

ROCK Concert! I definitely had to buy one for Penny!

At this point I was wide awake and continued going, with the hopes of making it to Gallup, NM for a short night’s stay. It was just 3 hours away.

At about 12:30 AM I had only made it another hour to Winslow, AZ where I sat thinking and checking and a couple specific hotel apps, and made one phone call, only to be discouraged by the $80+ in the nearest area. As I counted the bills in my wallet, I became increasingly certain I would run out of money and be stranded if I spent money on a hotel, despite plans to do so, but without the funds. I sent my mom a text message to tell her where I was, and tell her my plan.

I was going to sleep for 2 hours in my car.  I was aware of the rules I was breaking as a solo traveler. But I was in a well lit area and felt safe enough to do so, and I was not at a rest stop, I was at a nice truck stop, parked right in front of the cashier, but not right in front of the door, so as not to be walked by everyone.  I set the seat all the way to the back and layed down and covered up with a black blanket, another layer of security…

up next: part 3: a very long day


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