the road to colorado: part 1: preparations

I was to depart California for Colorado on Sunday as soon as I completed my membership interview at Sandals Church on June, 12, 2011.

I had spent the week leading up to this departure taking care of my car’s many needs, including getting it smogged, oil changed, new tires and paying for registration (still need to put the sticker on).  Ended up needing new struts in the front, because the left side was completely destroyed. It was an extremely stressful week as I had to take everything one day at a time, with finances and rely on Christ for literally everything. I was blessed almost daily with gifts and checks and babysat all day Saturday, which paid for the gas for my trip, which I didn’t have until that night, the day before I left. It left me wondering, “worry, why do I worry, why do i do it, what do i do it for?” (lyrics by Cindy Morgan that I think of often when I worry too much)

In addition to taking care of my car, I was also planning a sendoff party for Friday evening, and still needed to pack. I had made my list during the week, and just needed time to pack. It was a very busy week. I led worship for the last time of my session with the special women’s group, met with 2 of my wildflower girlfriends at panera afterwards, reconnecting before some of us left for the summer. On Wednesday night my small group met for the last time, and it was a nice closure before I left town. We had an amazing deep and real time together.

(my small group girls, beautiful community and family, picture from 2 weeks before, at our final SCU night, very bittersweet but very excited for the future of the College ministry at Church)

(Some of my small group girls, Jenni and I have been in the same group for about 4 years, and she is a very very dear friend to me, she has been a true sister and family to me.)

It was so nice to have a party and friends come and hangout together before I left for a month and a half. Dear friends allowed me the use of their backyard for the party and everyone brought stuff for our potluck BBQ. I made cotton candy shirley temples for everyone and had 4 lbs of chocolate covered strawberries for donation. I also had everyone contribute to a special art project that I could take with me and hang in my dorm room. I grabbed paint and fabric at Joann’s and with Lindy’s help we hung it up in the backyard. It’s a real team effort. Cindy helped me figure out what verse to put on it and she penciled the basic layout and started painting the first  couple lines. Then everyone added a little bit and I painted the word “fragrance” in the center. It is now hanging over my bed, and I love it so much! A HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed a little bit of their own creativity and personality, especially Lyssa, who had the idea to paint a old fashioned perfume bottle! This is the theme verse for this current season of my life. (2 Corinthians 2:14-17 only v14 is painted)

My aunt and cousin hard at work painting.

These pictures make me smile and feel loved :)

I babysat all day Saturday, and when I got home I was on a mission. I did laundry and packed until about 3 am, until I could pack no more. I woke up around 8am (i think) and finished packing and taking stuff out of my room and to my car.  Because I had had such a busy week, Mom and I had breakfast on Sunday morning at Panera, before I headed to church and away. Actually I had Tomato soup and coffee. She topped off my gas so I had a full tank on my way, and as I drove to church it HIT ME.

I am embarking on a journey that is really really scary. I don’t even know if I have enough money for my trip. I am scared to death.

Up next, Part 2: departure


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