prayer needed for this week

I am getting overwhelmed and stressed as I attempt to prepare for my drive to Colorado next Sunday. Definitely in need of your prayers.

Prayer requests:

  • for PEACE in my physical heart rather than stress and anxious thoughts “Be still O restless heart of mine, bow before the Prince of Peace, let the noise and clamor cease, be still.” (Steven Curtis Chapman, Be Still)
  • TRUST in God’s timing and provision, daily, and hourly 
  • to get everything needed for my CAR taken care of asap
  • for each DAY this week
  • for the DRIVE ahead, 1200 miles, 700 miles on Sunday and the rest on Monday. That it would be a peaceful and worshipful time with my Lord, to speak with Him and to listen.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support and encouragement, I am definitely feeling and receiving them, so don’t stop :)
love, Lori Jo

xoxo Lori Jo


2 Comments Add yours

  1. That’s a lotta driving. Probably doesn’t help that you spent a chunk of your recent past in a car. :) But, I think you’re going to find this next trip to be very refreshing!

    1. Lori Jo says:

      yes it is! But I have had a good break since our trip, so I’m ALMOST ready for it!!

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