sunday morning memories

This morning Mom woke me up to let me know she was headed out the door to go to Solid Ground for Missions Sunday, and a minute later I jumped out of bed and ran a stack of my prayer cards out to her and came back inside. Instead of climbing back into bed to be lazy (I usually do, but I have lots to do today), I opened my computer on to print more return address labels and turned on the new United album Aftermath and cranked it up as I made tea and an english muffin for breakfast. (quite the aussie trifecta if you asked me, =) me aussie mates would be proud!)
Listening to the music filling the empty spaces in the quiet house to wake everything up, brought back a rush of memories from when we lived in house #3 in a time zone far away. Of Sunday mornings when dad would turn the music on and up to wake everyone with his cheery self.  Thankfully for me, it wasn’t torture, I loved it, minus the dorky songs he would sing, “It’s time to get up in the Moooooorning” and “Rise and shiiiiine!” I don’t remember exactly what else he said…but it will come to me.  He played some Asian Sunday school music, or other music, I don’t remember exactly. Yes, my dad was an early bird. But I loved it. And I miss that time of life, when everything was right in our world, as indicated by Dad’s cheerful demeanor.  After we got kicked out of the country, life was never the same. But I don’t want to ruin this perfect memory so I will leave it at that.
Rise and shine!

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