freaking out

so i’m really starting to freak out. running out of time to get ready, out of time to earn money working, and completely out of money for my bills and car stuff that has to happen before i leave.

i realize that God is with me, and that he won’t abandon me. He will never leave or forsake me, he is always with me. My God shall supply all my needs. He is my provider.
he is right here. with. me.
but how can i doubt him for getting me this far?
for the blessing, favor and encouragement of singing on the worship team, joining on the day i arrive, on Monday?
so even though it’ll feel a little like the first day of school, like a freshman, like a newbie… it’s okay. it’s all part of the process.
it is sooo easy to get caught up in all the little things that are overwhelming me, like the massive amount of money I need just to take care of my car, and registration, and tires and smog checked, and the gas money and hotel money for my trip…
God help me…it’s going to be a long…fast week.

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