Modest is Hottest! Rebecca St. James speaks for modesty

Last night, artist, author and advocate for purity and modesty and pro-life issues, Rebecca St. James was a guest on the Hannity show along with Tamara Holder, one of the recent “slut walk” advocates. I cannot speak highly enough for Rebecca, because she has walked the purity/modesty road faithfully, and has just gotten married for the first time, in April, in San Diego. She is one of my favorite role models for young women and girls, and she has been faithful to speak for modesty and purity for most of her life.  I applaud her boldness and willingness to speak on this and this particular issue.  She was very clear that no woman deserves to raped, no matter what they are wearing, but we still  have a responsibility in the way that we dress, and stated very clearly that a woman who dresses provocatively is asking for sex.

I want to add my voice to this because I know that she will be receiving a TON of negative criticism and haters.

I believe it is possible to encourage modesty without blaming women for being victimized. Do you agree? I love the return to vintage and retro “classy woman” clothing. I also love when modesty is stylish without being “provocative.” I will agree that some modest outfits can be frumpy and plain, but that it is entirely possible to be classy and stylish with a little thought and creativity.

Is it really that surprising that prostitutes are called sluts? They are intentionally dressing in a way that will appeal to people who want to buy sex!  I completely agree with Rebecca’s statement that women who dress provocatively are asking for sex.  Would it be bad to say, you are what you wear? Not in the sense that it’s your identity, like what brands you wear…but how it reveals your character…I think it does…

Rebecca St. James tweeted that in her research for her next book, she discovered that

Godly guys value modesty VERY highly cause it speaks of a girls character…

You can watch the segment of the show here:

Any thoughts? Agree? Why? Why not? What’s missing?


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  1. Rose says:

    Oh, Lori Jo. I watched the clip, I read what you have to say, and I agree. I don’t think she was blaming the women, but trying to say, “Hey, if you want to be constantly viewed as a sex object, you may not like the reaction.” Personally, I don’t wear revealing clothes because I’m uncomfortable showing my body to everyone. I never have. Janice Storey is also a great modest dresser. She always looks so cute and classy, but never wears anything revealing. I think it’s important to think about what you’re saying, also, to the women in your life. Girls are mean. If you dress like you’re asking for it, girls will tell people you are asking for it. I think dressing modestly is also important because of that. Guys will look you in the eye and have respect for you, and women will have to look harder for malicious things to say. (I’m aware that not all women are that way, but we all know at least one who is, and why give them ammunition?)

    1. Lori Jo says:

      Thanks Rose! I agree about Janice, she is always adorable and very classy! I feel similar in not being comfortable wearing things that are revealing either, but I wonder if I had that so called “perfect” body if it would really be different or not, in the way that I dress. I think there are plenty of women who do modesty very well and would love to see more of less!
      Also, it always bothers me to see photos of girls in their bikini’s on facebook. Because they have guy friends and it’s not helpful to our brothers. And in our world and society why make it worse when we can help by covering up.

  2. KellySinging says:

    Absolutely agree with you and Rebecca. Tamara said 44% of rape victims are under 18, but it is the provocatively dressed women that are feeding their lust. It is much easier for the attacker to go for the younger victims since they are more vulnerable by their age, strength and maturity levels. These women who are protesting are deceived and it is heart breaking.

  3. Ohmygoodness. Is this really a legitimate news topic right now–that scantily clad women are asking for it? God help us.
    This “slut walk” advocate might find herself in some serious trouble for saying these things.
    But, Rebecca, as always, comes in with clarity and humility and the best accent everrrrrr! :D

    1. Lori Jo says:

      mmhmm :) her accent is wonderful.

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