so far

I’ve been a bit short on quiet time or time to myself, time to reflect and think. So this will be a bit of free journaling.

My time with family has been wonderful. Seeing many of my massive family: numerous great aunts, a great uncle, and awesome aunts and also meeting a couple of family members for the first time, a ; couple of 3 year olds that are just gorgeous. Last week I spent with my aunt, great aunt, mom at Women of Faith. Then, on Sunday I got to meet my cousin’s daughter for the first time, and we bonded instantly, I adore her.  That evening, my amazing family of many, the Waugh Family, a group of southern gospel singers, sang a concert and invited me to sing one of my songs as part of it. Then we went out for dinner afterwards and had such a wonderful time. On Monday, we spent the day with my aunt Candy, and then went over to my Papa’s so I could do laundry..and nap. It’s very comfy on Papa’s couch. :) Then we spent the rest of the evening at my Great Uncle David’s where the two of us had a fun jam session, singing and playing. I taught him a bunch of modern worship songs, and a couple of mine and he played a few awesome story songs. He plays guitar really well and sings better than Elvis. So much fun.

Today, Tuesday, we went to our favorite pizza place in West Virginia, and got to see even more family I hadn’t seen in a long time and a couple new family members too. The worse part was how short it was.  It was so much fun, and I was bummed it was over so soon.

We are trying to finish our itinerary, for the rest of the trip. It looks like Wednesday is our last day here, and then we head out Thursday morning. I think. I’ve been dealing with and attempting to battle an awful rash in my underarm and all over and have discovered there are a few family members with eczema, which sucks. So I’m hoping to see a doctor soon. It’s driving me crazy.  And also I’ve had some nauseous or something off and on randomly. But other than that, I’m having a great time. Filled out more paperwork for Crusade, and have more to send back in already. Just need to stop by another office store to print it.

Anyways…blah blah blah. Time for bed.


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