some late night journaling

I should be sleeping…but alas…my head is buzzing. Because of the traveling we’ve been doing, and staying all over the place, I’ve barely had a few minutes alone to think and process and pray, and while I should be sleeping with women of faith a few hours away, I must get some stuff out of my head.

In about 40 days I will be leaving for Colorado, likely driving about 1200 miles, for new staff training.  Little did I know that as we drove through Colorado last week, (picture taken from our van as we drove by) that I would be back in just a short amount of time. I have had a few email instructions and am trying to process all the information and take it in. Just tonight, I registered for the new staff training, which includes 6 weeks of bible classes and training and concludes with their national conference, which is very exciting. It’s all a little daunting, but I know, I KNOW God has brought me this far and that he will provide every step of the way. I’m putting together a little posterous site that will centralize all my Crusade related information along the way and will pass that on in just a few days.

Keep praying!! Love you dear ones!!



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