Irrational roadtrip fears

I have several irrational fears that i haven’t thought about in a long time…and they all come back on roadtrips…

I am not used to driving mom’s minivan, and sitting upright and just the larger vehicle, is different from my comfy corolla, so I drive with my hands at 10-2 and not much else. (which gets tiring) I try to loosen the grip occasionally and stretch my fingers by doing a little all-finger wave…lol
Anyways I am remembering some of my crazy irrational fears from my childhood…they haven’t left me…

Road trip related Fears
1. Doors coming open while driving (which incidentally has happened to me before, recently while driving “miss daisy” {that’s her codename} in her minivan.) 2. getting attacked in a bathroom, especially at night and in unfamiliar places
3. Crossing bridges, overpasses, heights and narrow roads, and construction areas
4. Passing trucks (18 wheelers) there were so many on the first leg of the trip from rancho to baker, ca. 5. Crashing and not dying instantly…

Anytime I can’t see far enough ahead of me I tense up or slow down and hold my breath.
Last night after we switched, mom drove from baker thru Arizona, where we crossed the Virgin River in between a huge gorge that seemed like it would never end. It was dark, so we couldn’t see much more than the shadows of the gorge’s steep walls and the spooky bright moon peering in and out of the gorge. Kinda cool, kinda spooky. I caught a glimpse of the river with the shine of the moon glistening and I almost gasped because of the height and unexpected-ness of it. Plus I have slight trust issues when others are driving.

I think those are the main ones…it’s pretty funny and we are stopping regularly for pit stops and stretch breaks. I even ran a couple laps around a long row of gas pumps sometime around 2am. That was fun. Haha. I’m enjoying our daytime driving much more, but glad we knocked out all those miles already :)

Do you have any irrational fears or roadtrip stories?
<3 lorijo


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