Be a Quitter

(My Catalyst West fellow volunteer, Kaleena, she’s a 3 year veteran, and I met her last year, with the very funny Jon Acuff. And yes, I stole this from her…but I’m pretty sure I was the picture taker…so…I’m taking the picture. haha)

My notes from the Catalyst West Lab of JON ACUFF, author of the wildly popular blog and book, Stuff Christians Like, back on March 2, 2011. Kaleena and I got to talk to him a couple times since we were volunteering and working the resources table, this guy is genuinely hilarious and has great insight as well. Love it. He shared some thoughts about his new upcoming book, and revealed the title (Quitter) and all sorts of quality stuff, wisdom, and encouragement from Exodus, and of course a hilarious rating system for V-Necks for men). Super funny, and incredibly insightful. Such a rad combination!

“I am a ____BUT I want to ____”

  • 84% of people want a new job
  • We are restless.
  • Is this all there is?
  • We wonder if I’ve missed my shot?

Jon’s New book: (comes out in May 2011)
QUITTER: Closing the gap between your day job and your dream job


1. figure out WHAT your dream is. DISCOVER.
where to start?
Not the discovery, but the recovery.
Finding what is true of you.

What have I done that I love?
Look for the small thing that God can use and {GOD} can do big things with.

you’re not okay with that are you?
(injustice, hunger, etc)

Stay present to the small things that God is doing.

Exodus 13:17-18
God led them around.
(No shortcuts)
It can be discouraging.
the desert is a gift and not a punishment?
Embrace the desert road as a gift and trust that God sees the future, he knows the plan and is the dream giver. It is all about God’s glory ultimately.

3. Define SUCCESS.
I am famous to God and that’s all that matters

“God has a facebook fan page for you that he like, like, likes!”

it’s extremely elusive, it always changes, and you’ll never catch it, it moves constantly.
Define what is true of me and what is ENOUGH.
It’s NOT my identity!
I won’t be defined by my failures or success!

RECEIVE the GIFT of the desert road and keep coming back to what is my-ENOUGH.


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