my day – plus a cute kitten

picture today when i came home. endless kittens. endless cycle. but i still love em. such cute little kitty-babes!! (and they need homes next month!) pictured kitten is one-month-old.

today was a good day. i was stressing out about money and what to do about it and i got booked for babysitting all of next week and then a message a little bit later for this weekend. God is SO good! He is faithful and such a good provider. Even though it seems like His almighty timing was a little off…since my phone got turned off on monday…but i found an app that at least lets me text when i have wifi…and getting caught up next week is much better than not knowing when i could get caught up. So thankful, and I get to see some of my favorite kids :D

God has faithfully been giving me verses or passages as I’ve been preparing to lead worship and I have been so encouraged in spite of my inadequacies and frustrations with my keyboard skills. I will keep practicing. Hopefully I can get better!  As I sat and reflected and looked out over the group after I led I was just so grateful and humbled to be able to pour out, to serve and minister in this way, at this time, for this group, and it’s been awhile since I felt like I was giving without taking…I’m not quite sure how to explain that thought…I know God will use me, and that he will work through me and that is what excites me, “i know i’m filled to be emptied again, this seed I’ve received I will sow”  a time to pour out.

also…with this new responsibility comes that extra push i needed for daily spiritual disciplines. i’ll leave it at that, i don’t want to brag or whatever.  I also had a bit of a revelation/epiphany or what-have-you last week.  My personal walk with the Lord is not just for my benefit.  I think we make it too “personal” sometimes, to the point that we shrug our shoulders and say, oh well, it’s just for me anyways. When in reality, how important for us to be plugged in and connected to the Holy Spirit in prayer and reading scripture because that is what he uses to speak to us! And when we are in that place of connectedness we can better receive the signals he’s sending us, who to serve, and how to serve, conviction and all sorts of stuff. I need to be connecting with God regularly so I can pray for my friends, interceding for them, for family, for our hurting, broken world with all the recent world and local events.  Maybe this isn’t really a new concept necessarily…but one that is becoming real to me…one that is helping me stay on target and guarding my time with the Lord, because if I’m not connecting to my Source, I will have nothing to pour out, and I will not be a ready vessel and instrument for the Lord to use.

So excited for this new place God has me and excited for all he has for me to learn, grow and pour out. Can’t wait to see what else is in the Master Plan for my life in His purposes and job-career stuff. :)

{His Love Endures, Forever His Love Endures, Forever His Love Endures, Forever & Ever}


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