Having a blast at Catalyst!

Quick highlights from today & this week so far:

  • I FINISHED MY APPLICATION! 31 pages+ Resume, Work Experience and Pay History, Questionnaire, and lined up 6 references…THANK YOU  s’wonderful six!! I’m so glad it’s done. I had to fight with some technical issues and do some creative problem solving, but I did it!
  • Signed up to sing for Imago Dei event at Sandals next week!
  • I loved membership. I love it every week! I love learning and I love learning theology and doctrine and grasping the concepts that seem so out of reach.  It makes me love and appreciate my church so much more, and trust it and my leadership that much more too.
  • Today I headed out to Irvine to volunteer for Catalyst West. Got my t-shirt and badge and enjoyed being a “veteran volunteer” and seeing friends that I made last year. Kaleena is totally my friend of the week. haha. She’s my fellow veteran.
  • I like being answer girl, answering peoples questions about the resources and basic session info. Just call me answer-girl
  • got to sit in on 2 of the lab sessions. 1. Jon Acuff and 2. Michael Gungor, Amena Brown, & Jo Saxton. All of them were amazing. I took 4 pages of notes for each session. I’ll try and post my notes ASAP (or it won’t happen) Each of these was so awesome that it requires a blog post for each session, notes and a brief summary/overview and takeaway. I would do it right now except that I need to get up in 6 hours. ha.
  • WORSHIP night at Rock Harbor with Carlos Whittaker, Matt Cash, Matt Richey, Sara D., and some other girl I’ve never seen. But majority consisted of our old worship team and it was just awesome, like a reunion :)
  • At the end of the first set, I was totally in my happy place :D and I felt that all was right within and I felt at rest in my soul. Even though I’m broke as a dope, and at&t is probably going to turn my phone off bc I don’t have a dime to pay my bill, and haven’t got anything to buy anything, it’s okay. And while it is a concern and I’m a little worried…I still know that I’m God’s girl and that he is my provider and he takes care of me.
  • Who needs a babysitter or vocal coach..or singer? (haha…no seriously…) I’m available all month after this week!
  • John Mark McMillan is a GIFT to our culture, the Church, and everyone on earth. The man is a genius songwriter and poet who writes deep, rich and such poetic words that ring so much truth and rawness and raw beauty. If I hadn’t been so tired, I would’ve been balling because of the beauty and God’s presence and love for me. amazing. Check him out if you haven’t already.
  • God is most definitely using conversations and teachings and music to move and speak in me. Catalyst is such a wonderful place to be encouraged, inspired, and fired up. I LOVE IT!!

Most looking forward to:

Gungor worship night Thursday night, Christine Caine, Eugene Peterson, & Nancy Ortberg, and all the worship times and spoken words and craziness that is catalyst. :) Life is good. even when you’re dirt poor.


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  1. I agree about that John Mark McMillan gift-of-a-man. He’s a prophet singer.

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