dads and cars: remembering

It’s a few minutes past midnight, but 3 years ago, yesterday, President’s Day, February 2008, my dad and I drove to Temecula and test drove a couple cars, signed documents and promised to return the next day after I went to the bank. He wasn’t feeling up to the return trip so my sister came with me the next day after stopping at the bank so she could drive the van home and I would drive my new-to-me toyota nicknamed goldilocks.

It would end up being one of the last things I did with my dad before his health declined severely and death lived for too many awful days.

I now own my car, thanks to my dad’s wisdom and encouraging me to not go crazy and I paid it off in just over 2 years, with the pink slip with my name in my hands last summer.

I don’t think I’ll ever want to get rid of that car.

{top image: my car; my friend backing it off the tow truck last month because of a dead battery, bottom image: my dad at knotts in 2005}


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