creative gift ideas for your valentine

1. FLOWERS!  i don’t think you can ever go wrong with flowers. (unless you are one of those few people who don’t like flowers) but i think it’s a good idea to add something meaningful to that. or pick them yourself. a fresh bouquet of wildflowers or flowers from YOUR garden. (or ask permission first if you want to pick from someone else’s garden!)

L. I got these beauties from the farmers market for $3! (or if you want flowers that are more of a reddish than yellow…go for it) R. from my friend’s wedding, this is my bridesmaid bouquet. (working with what i have in my archives folks…hint…i could use some valentine’s flowers :) hehe

I think these are pretty well received among the ladies: I recommend roses, tulips, bright assorted flowers, daisies, irises. Go to the florist if you really want help. Fresh ‘n’ Easy has gorgeous bouquets.

HEY GUYS! Want to know the language of flowers so you don’t give the wrong message? (simple and best chart  I found here)

RED ROSES = LOVE (aka TWU Love, mawwiage is wut bwings us togetharrr)  (good for married and engaged)


  • write a poem
  • write a letter
  • write a song
  • record video of you telling a story, reading a poem or singing a song.
  • make a video montage or your family, friends, or your love
  • get a nice photo frame and a print a couple of your favorite pictures

3. Get CRAFTY!

make something

  • crochet a hat (like this one that I made for my little bro Sunday night in one sitting…just go in circles!)
  • cut out shapes from construction paper. make a garland. make a collage. make a diorama (why not?) haha

4. Make MUSIC!! Make a playlist and burn MIX CD!

  • Put some thought into the songs, the lyric content and message. don’t just look for the keyword love. think of songs they love and songs they will love. Everyone loves new music. This is a personal favorite. And don’t forget about the packaging! One year I made square CD sleeve envelopes with an extra flap to write the track listing on. You could also sew one. Or use a paper bag folded in half and decorate it. Simple makes beautiful <3

5. Use your SKILLS!

  • If you are a Web designer…why not make your love their own website?? That would be rad.
  • Think along the lines of what you’re good at and creative doesn’t have to be scary or time consuming. But don’t be afraid to try something new!
  • Do you make awesome pie charts and graphs? Work with it!
  • Build something. Saws. Hammers. Nails. Manly.
  • Oil change, car wash, detailed, and leave a cute little something behind in the car. (not chocolates if it’s warm weather!)
  • Use the skills you’ve got and make something magical!


  • the cutest thing ever…for the health conscious love of your life: FRUIT STICKERS! A PDF you can print and apply to your own fruit or fruit basket! (from Twig & Thistle)
  • Crafty paper valentines. Cut, write and stick. from Andrea Rodgers
  • For even more crafty, creative, artful ideas or inspiration check out

Here’s the main thing. <3

Make it meaningful, heartfelt. Don’t give fake sentiments away. Nobody like scheap sentiments. Yuck. Happy Crafting, Making and Giving!! Let me know if you have other ideas, or if you end up using any of mine!


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