My first february song

I’ll be honest…I’m not really excited or proud of this song….I started trying to compose some intricate piece about creation…sounding like void and darkness and then light…and got overwhelmed by trying to use too many different synth sounds and my weaknesses of playing and it was just frustrating me…so I closed that and opened a new text window and a new blank garageband file and started playing around with C and F chords til I found this pattern that you hear. That’s all it is. Simple. Oh and fun little fact…I recorded the vocals in my mom’s minvan…hehe.

I’m already working on Song 2 and working on more carefully crafted lyrics and chord patterns. But I commited to sharing all this so…here it is.


it’s simple
i try too hard
to be perfect
when i try
it just makes a mess

let’s take it slow
go back to the basics
and one at a time
becomes beautiful


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